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Krebs Custom Raffle

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Kurt Rasmussen has been a good “friend of the shop” at Krebs Custom (and a friend to everyone IN the shop) for many years. Despite significant “challenges” he has always been one of the people we’re glad to see.

With recent “setbacks” in his wife’s health, we decided to try to assist him with his wife’s medical expenses, and thought this raffle would be a good way to do that.

In Kurt’s own words:

My name is Kurt Rasmussen and I have been married to my beautiful wife Katie for 19 years. For 16 of those years she has suffered from a long list of illnesses including: MS, Lupus, Sjogren's disease, and Crohn's disease but in early 2015 she was diagnosed with a stage 4 Glio Blastoma brain tumor. Katie underwent a craniotomy to remove the tumor, the surgeons did their best work but sadly she was given only a year to live. Through the strength of her will she has survived for nearly 3 years now, much longer than expected. Through all of this my families out-of-pocket medical cost for treatments, prescriptions and insurance premiums has outstripped my income, exhausted all of our savings, retirement and the sale of personal assets of value. I'm presently working two jobs and sometimes three to keep going forward. Regretfully I am still overwhelmed with medical costs and I have nowhere else to turn but to the help, kindness, support, and generosity of others. Any help provided to us would be greatly appreciated and most wisely used to help the bravest and strongest woman I will ever know. Thank you. (From Kurt & Katie’s “” page: