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Illinois CCW class

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Last weekend we spent 16 hours learning about the NEW CCW laws in Illinois.

Since this is the last state to allow you to protect yourself and as anti-gun as this state is it came as no surprise that the class really was designed with keeping the state from getting sued .I went into this expecting it to be like a drivers safety class and or a weekend with the wife, I couldn't of been more wrong .  The class was hosted by Tim at All CCW.

Tim has an extensive background in firearms and kept the class on track while making it as enjoyable as was possible. The class was held at Beggars pizza so we didn't have to leave for lunch. They also provided blue guns and holsters to practice drawing from which was great so we wouldn't have to suffer from someone trying to draw from a $3.00 holster / belt combo purchased from a flea market 30 years ago. Due to course content and time restrictions, many topics were talked about briefly .

The range part was held at end of second day and everyone in class qualified. I would say the course of fire was simple but most of the people in class should have performed better .  I would suggest to most people who attend this class and plan on carrying a pistol to seek additional training just because you have a permit doesn't mean you should carry. 

If you haven't gotten youre Illinois CCW I would strongly recommend calling Tim at  All CCW below is the link and tell them Chi-Town tactical sent you !

P: (815) 545-3978