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3 gun event .

We went out to Oak park sportsman's club last weekend in Plainfield Il to shoot 3 gun . Most of us had never been to Oak Park before and initial impressions of range staff were great  even when the weather got ugly the staff was still great which was nice to see. The planning for stages were [...]

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Review of our holsters.

This is a review of our AIWB custom holster these are 1 off so for pricing and availability please contact us directly. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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A short rant on Magazines

Having been a shooter for a long time pre 91 yes we are old . I have seen the Clinton mag ban come and go . I remember people paying crazy money for mag's . How crazy how about Glock mag's for $50 if you could find them Beta mag's for $400. After New town I [...]

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Defensive edge class

Afew weeks back we offered a defensive knife fighting class. I know you are thinking why would I fight with a knife if I can carry a gun?  As we would learn once an opponent is grabbing at the pistol you are carrying all bets are off. Think it wont happen? (I recall a case in [...]

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Bullpup / Zombie shoot.

Well it looks like I have forgotten to update my blog . Briefly last weekends intro to tactical handgun class was a success I will go into more detail later.  This weekend is full of shows!  We will be in Waterman at the Aurora sportsman's club for the annual Zombie / Bullpup shoot . The bullpup [...]

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Sept 19 - 20 Tactical handgun class

Chi -Town Tactical is offering a 1.5 day Tactical handgun class .This will be an entry level course designed to show any weakness and how to improve on your current use of a handgunTopics to include but not limited to 1. basic fundamentals2. small target drills3. speed reloads4. tactical reloads5. multiple threat engagement6. shooting on the [...]

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Illinois CCW class

Last weekend we spent 16 hours learning about the NEW CCW laws in Illinois. Since this is the last state to allow you to protect yourself and as anti-gun as this state is it came as no surprise that the class really was designed with keeping the state from getting sued .I went into this expecting [...]

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Raffles at Aurora Bullpup Zombie Shoot!

Look for our booth, get your gear and enter to win great prizes we will be raffling off! For more info on Zombie shoot, click on the link below;

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New Products and Deals Coming Soon!

We are constantly getting new products everyday. Keep checking back to see what new items we have as the inventory goes fast! Also we will be running deals and packages that you have to see to believe!

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Welcome to Chi-Town Tactical!

Please be patient as our website gets updated with our newest products and inventory. We have the gear and accessories you need whether you are a novice shooter or a tier 1 operator!

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